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Pastured Poultry - Meat and Eggs

We raise Freedom Ranger broiler chickens for meat and Khaki Campbell ducks for eggs. These flocks spend their lives enjoying the bounty of our pastures, doing what they do best: foraging for bugs and plants, dust-bathing (the chickens), fertilizing our fruit trees, and swimming in our pond (well, the ducks, not the chickens!) Under the watchful eye of our livestock guardian dogs, Luke and Keira, they don't have to worry about the myriad predators in our area - and relaxed birds are happy birds!

Pastured Chicken Eggs (Shelterbelt Farm)

You can see the difference in the yolks - during the growing season, yolks of truly pastured chickens are bright orange, not pale yellow. Happy foraging chickens eat bugs and plants, and those nutrients show up in their eggs!
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