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Deposit on a Whole or Half Lamb

A lamb is probably the only animal you could buy in bulk and not need a chest freezer. A half-lamb includes 1 Leg of Lamb, approx. 3 lbs Loin and Rib Chops; 1 lb Stew Meat, 2 lbs Ground Lamb; approx 1 lb Shanks, 4-5 lbs Bones (amazing for soup stock!) Approximately 15 Pounds total. A whole lamb is approx. double these quantities. NOTE: We harvest lamb from Oct-Dec, so while you may reserve anytime, they will not be ready until late Fall. We will contact you to arrange details.

We butcher lambs between Sept and Jan, and have a very limited supply of whole and half lambs available, so order early! We'll contact you to confirm and provide info on butcher dates when known. Please note: this is to reserve your lamb; this deposit will be subtracted from your total cost once the lamb is ready. Total cost is $6.50/lb hanging weight, which usually works out to $10-13/lb. take-home weight of meat and bones.

1 deposit on a whole lamb | 1 whole lamb reservation = $100.00