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Grass-finished Lamb

We raise Katahdin and Dorper hair sheep on a diet consisting solely of pasture and hay. If you haven't had lamb before, or have been turned off by the strong taste of lamb you've had in the past, please note that hair sheep are known to have a milder flavor than wool sheep, because they lack the lanolin oil found in wool. We encourage you to try a package or two of lamb and let us know what you think of it!

Deposit on a Whole or Half Lamb (Shelterbelt Farm)

A lamb is probably the only animal you could buy in bulk and not need a chest freezer. A half-lamb includes 1 Leg of Lamb, approx. 3 lbs Loin and Rib Chops; 1 lb Stew Meat, 2 lbs Ground Lamb; approx 1 lb Shanks, 4-5 lbs Bones (amazing for soup stock!) Approximately 15 Pounds total. A whole lamb is approx. double these quantities. NOTE: We harvest lamb from Oct-Dec, so while you may reserve anytime, they will not be ready until late Fall. We will contact you to arrange details. We butcher lambs between Sept and Jan, and have a very limited supply of whole and half lambs available, so order early! We'll contact you to confirm and provide info on butcher dates when known. Please note: this is to reserve your lamb; this deposit will be subtracted from your total cost once the lamb is ready. Total cost is $6.50/lb hanging weight, which usually works out to $10-13/lb. take-home weight of meat and bones.
1 deposit on a whole lamb | 1 whole lamb reservation = $100.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Stew Cubes (Shelterbelt Farm)

One of our most popular and economical lamb options is stew meat. So versatile, and easy for busy weekdays. Throw it in a crock pot with some tomatoes and spices in the morning, and it will be mouth-wateringly tender and delicious by dinnertime, with almost no effort!
1 lb = $13.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Loin Chops (Shelterbelt Farm)

Each package of loin chops contains 2 chops and weighs around .5lb total. These are small but meaty, cut 1 1/4" thick, so they won't dry out when cooked. Perfectly versatile: cook them on the grill, stovetop, or in the oven, with an herbed rub or just some salt. They're tasty no matter how you do it!
2 chops | Approx 0.5 lbs @ $18.00/lbs = $9.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Rack of Lamb (Shelterbelt Farm)

Rack of lamb is a really popular cut, and once you've had it you'll know why! It's fancy enough for serving guests, or at a holiday meal, yet easy to prepare (so lower-stress for the chef!) and usually loved by everyone from kids all the way up to Grandma. These racks were cut in half to make them more versatile. Each half-rack is about .75lbs, enough for 2-3 people with all the other sides. Need to feed more people? Easy - just buy a few more!
1 full rack | Approx 1.5 lbs @ $16.00/lbs = $24.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Lamb Riblets (Shelterbelt Farm)

Oh so easy, tender, and delicious. These make a great weeknight dinner, but can also be a perfect appetizer/finger food for parties. Check out this simple recipe to get your mouth watering!
1 package | Approx 1.5 lbs @ $10.00/lbs = $15.00 + $0.00 Assembly
Bulk Ground Sausage (Shelterbelt Farm)

This sausage is in 1-lb packages and is NOT in casings. Three delicious flavors to choose from: Tuscan, Breakfast, or Mild Italian. Tuscan is flavored with rosemary, savory, thyme, basil and other herbs; Breakfast is flavored with sage, fennel, and brown sugar, and Mild Italian features garlic and Italian herbs.
1 lb Breakfast | Approx 1 lb @ $10.00/lb = $10.00 + $0.00 Assembly