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Raw Honey

We have a small apiary and harvest honey twice a year, usually in July and October. The Spring honey is lighter, comprised mostly of black locust, clover, and sometimes basswood. The Fall honey is darker, and is mostly made from goldenrod and aster nectar, with some knotweed and knapweed. Our honey is totally raw and minimally filtered, so it contains all the enzymes, pollen, and antibodies that make it more medicine than food. But this does mean that it tends to crystallize, the Fall honey much sooner than the Spring honey.

Raw Spring Honey (Shelterbelt Farm)

This is pure raw honey, the best food and medicine invented by nature, gathered by our bees in Brooktondale. It is minimally filtered and never heated, so it retains its live enzymes. Honey is like wine; different every season depending on weather and nectar flows. This honey has a medium-light color and a mild flavor, and is most likely a mix of basswood, black locust, sumac, knotweed, clover, and other flowers. Honey is the one food that never ever spoils (unless it gets water in it, in which case it will ferment). Raw honey is often quick to crystallize. Last year's crop crystallized into a lovely spreadable texture, like honey butter. If you prefer liquid honey you can gently warm it to re-liquify.
1 lb = $7.00 + $0.00 Assembly
2 lbs = $13.00 + $0.00 Assembly